​Sara Villanueva, Ph.D.​

Giving a talk at the International Growing and Aging Conference in Angers, France 

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"I know our CAPA members thoroughly enjoyed your previous presentation.  Not only was the content important and interesting, but you have such an engaging and enthusiastic style, that I believe all of us were entertained as well."
-Dr. Elizabeth Katz             
 Director, Master of Arts in Counseling
 Program at St. Edward's University
 Capital Area Psychological Association

"Very, very, very, good. Love her." "Great speaker!"


"She knocked it out of the Park!"
 Texas Municipal Courts Education Center
 Juvenile Case Managers Conference

Dr. ​Sara Villanueva speaks to diverse groups both nationally and internationally. She has given presentations in various parts of the U.S. including Hawaii,  as well as New Zealand, Mexico, and France. As a professional speaker, Sara has captivated her audiences by delivering real content in an interactive, energetic, and engaging manner that leaves audience members feeling both informed and inspired. Attendees appreciate her candid nature and can often relate to her personal stories about raising her own teens.​


Parents and Adolescents in Conflict 
Ever wonder why all of a sudden there is so much bickering between you and your child? In this presentation, Dr. Villanueva discusses the various theories and explanations for the rise in conflict between parents and their developing children. She also provides parents and teachers with tips on how to successfully navigate this seemingly impossible time.
Parenting Adolescents
Saying that Parenting is not an easy job is an understatement to be sure, particularly when you're talking about Parenting Teens. In this presentation, Dr. Villanueva presents research from various cultural and theoretical perspectives, while also offering a real-world take on the 'Do's' and 'Don'ts' of parenting adolescents.
Adolescent Risk-Taking
Parents, teachers, judges, and parole officers often wonder 'What were they thinking?' when it comes to Adolescents and their risk-taking behaviors. Dr. Villanueva has given this talk to various groups and consistently gets overwhelmingly positive feedback on the research and data she presents.
Adolescent Love, Sex, and Relationships
Many people find it difficult to discuss intimacy, love, and sexuality among adolescents. In this presentation, Dr. Villanueva tackles these tough topics by presenting information on current trends and providing parents and others context for understanding what love and sex means to teens.
Adolescent Cognitive Development
What is the difference between the way a child thinks and the way an adolescent thinks? How are teen brains different than adults? And how do these differences impact behavior? These questions and more are discussed in this presentation.
Adolescents' Social World
The social arena is extremely important for adolescents. Their friends, social groups in school, and even social networking all contribute to a teen's social world. In this presentation, Dr. Villanueva discusses issues such as peer pressure, cliques and crowds in school, and social networking when it comes to the teens perspective.

Other topics include: Work-Life Balance, Women in Leadership Positions, Latino/a Leadership, Embracing Diversity