​Sara Villanueva, Ph.D.​

When a local parent organization desperately needed someone to give a professional presentation on parenting teenagers, they brought in Sara Villanueva. Sara learned from a very young age that being a parent is "not for cowards" and that parenting teens, in particular, takes not only bravery and perseverance, but skill, stamina, and insight. She has also realized that when it comes to being the parent of a teen, a little humor can go a long way. Sara’s mission is to help people understand and appreciate the seemingly turbulent, and sometimes overwhelming developmental period we call Adolescence.

​Sara Villanueva is an Associate Professor of Psychology at St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas. Her area of specialization is in Adolescent Development with a specific focus on Parent-Adolescent Relationships and Parenting from various cultural perspectives. She has taught Adolescent Psychology and conducted research on this developmental period for many years. Sara has given many  presentations to both academic and professional organizations around the globe. She is a teacher, a researcher, and the author of the book The Angst of Adolescence: How to Parent Your Teen (and Live to Laugh About It!). She is also the proud, and blissfully happy mother of four children. Sara is clearly passionate about Parenting Adolescents and thrives by helping people to understand this tricky developmental period. She is a highly effective speaker who connects with people worldwide by sharing her expertise and unique experiences regarding Adolescence and Parenting, while also finding common ground with parents all over the world.

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Sara speaks frequently to diverse groups like the Texas Municipal Courts Education Center, Capitol Area Psychological Association, Université Catholique de l'Ouest, and various parents groups, local schools, and research conferences around the country. As a professional speaker, Sara has delighted her audiences by delivering real content in an interactive and engaging way. Attendees appreciate both her candid nature and her sharp wit, while also relating to her personal anecdotes about the perilous joys of raising teens.​

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